Satya Bharti Skill Fest – Helping Government School Children in Telangana Explore New Skills

by Praneeth Reddy Remidi May 21, 2020 3

Summer vacation is a much awaited time for all children, one of the reasons being the excitement of Summer Camps. Even though the on-going spread of a pandemic has left a little scope for camps as they were, a similar experience is being brought closer to the children virtually. Bharti Foundation, under the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, organized an online Summer Camp – the Satya Bharti Skill Fest, for the students of partner Government Schools in Telangana.

The ‘Satya Bharti Skill Fest’ is a collaboration of activities that are designed as per the grade and is communicated to the students through WhatsApp. The entire Program is led by the School teachers. The Fest actively focuses on exploring new adventures and socializing with peers, with activities specifically designed to promote learning by doing. The main focus of the Program is to keep up the attitude of continuous learning among them.

Despite the limitations because of the nationwide lockdown, various creative activities are replicating the experience of Summer Camps for children. The activities organized are the likes of the ones mentioned below:

Story Telling: The students select an appropriate story, record themselves narrating it and share it with their respective class teachers. This activity encouraged the children to rehearse it a few times before recording, which develops reading skills and while narrating the story, the child would focus on the pace of reading and intonations. The alignment of technology to the regular reading habit has added curiosity to the child.

Poster Making: One of the most interesting discourses in English is the poster as it has art and language at one place. Students are encouraged to make Posters on “Eat Healthy” and “Staying safe during current crises” and of course on a topic of their own too.

Best Out of Waste: The crafts and miniatures made by the students using household items are of utmost attraction. The making of photo frames, the portable shelves, the hand bags, birds, carts, trucks, bikes etc. has given them an opportunity to unleash their thoughts and give them a shape. Apart from the sense of achievement and joy of making a beautiful thing out of the house hold items, the making of such crafts made students learn precision and enable visualization. The range of activities – writing slogans, making concept videos, hand writing competition, etc. has given the students freedom to take part in the activities of their choice. All their works are submitted to their class teachers via WhatsApp.

The efforts of the teachers throughout are inspiring in terms of creating the whatsapp group, passing on the communication and continuous motivation in all the possible ways. The kind of participation we received itself is an encouragement to this initiative.

On the whole, every activity the students choose to participate in ‘Satya Bharti Skill Fest’ is making them spend time positively, develop skills and more importantly, it is continuing their learning process.

This article is contributed by Praneeth Reddy Remidi who is working with Bharti Foundation as an Academic Mentor in Telangana.

Lakkireddy Rajeshwarreddy May 24, 2020 at 1:26 pm

This is very useful activity in this summer vacation. We are very thankful to bharti foundation. Our students improved their inner skills. This summer camp we utilized from home.


Mohinder kumar August 19, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Great efforts


Ramesh Chand August 20, 2020 at 1:26 pm



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