Teacher’s Development

Quality teachers form the backbone of the Satya Bharti Schools and are recruited from local and neighboring communities where the schools are located. The selection mechanism is not only merit-based but also identifies a dedication for teaching. Teachers go through written tests, interview sessions and mock classroom demonstrations to prove their capability.

Bharti Foundation also lays emphasis on recruiting female teachers, which goes a long way in giving young educated women of rural India a platform to create their own identity. Further, a large number of women staff in the schools gives the community a sense of safety and security, encouraging them to send their daughters to school.

Bharti Foundation follows a multi-pronged approach for teacher development. The integrated approach helps teachers perform better as mentors and facilitators of children:

  • Teacher Training/ Workshops: Enabling groups of 20-25 teachers at a time, the teacher training workshops comprise of structured training modules mapped to respective subjects and classes.
  • Coaching: Mentoring and in school support of teachers by cluster coordinators and trainers includes coaching sessions. These helps reinforce the implementation of specific subject-level curriculum, teaching methodologies and concepts in classrooms. Cluster coordinators help review and plan teacher lessons, observe them in their classes and help teachers reflect on their strengths and challenges.
  • Self-directed Learning: The Teacher Subject Knowledge Test (TSKT) encourages teachers to update their subject knowledge, while using curriculum for lesson preparation.
  • Exposure: Teachers are encouraged to explore opportunities that will give them a chance to upgrade their skills through different types of exposures.

Head Teachers are enabled to be effective administrators, academics and mentors with decision-making skills in diverse areas of daily school management. Head Teachers are trained in leadership skills, pedagogy, educational psychology, strategies for classroom effectiveness, monitoring and mentoring of teachers and teaching learning processes.

Cluster Coordinators work as mentors and guides for teachers. They are trained to not only coach and prepare teachers for effective lesson delivery, but also manage and enhance the pedagogical requirements of the schools.

Bharti Foundation has an in-house team of trainers who undergo robust training sessions year-round, to upgrade their skills and to update themselves with new educational developments. Currently, one trainer is designated for every 20-25 schools.