Non Financial Partnership

To support of Bharti Foundation’s educational programs, we invite individuals, corporates or institutions to collaborate in the following ways:

  • Material donations: Donors may exclusively or in addition to funds, support Bharti Foundation through material contributions like stationery, books, provisions of water filters, free education software, school-support-equipments like wi-fi routers, TV screens, projectors, computers, laptops; COVID-related-interventions like face masks etc which will help in strengthening our program-implementation process.
  • Technical & knowledge sharing partnership: Institutions or corporates may express interest in collaboration for student or teacher workshops on topics like mental health, life skills, teacher trainings etc (on a non-financial basis)
  • Volunteering: Donors and employees may connect with the Foundation and be part of volunteering visits at our project sites.

To partner with Bharti Foundation, write to us at

Why Partner With Us