Satya Bharti School Program Satya Bharti Quality Support Program

Uttar Pradesh

With an aim to improve the accessibility and quality of education in the rural pockets of Uttar Pradesh, Bharti Foundation set up its Satya Bharti School in 2007 in Bichola village in Shahjahanpur district.

Consequently, the Foundation established three schools in Farrukhabad and nine in Shahjahanpur district by the year 2011. Today, more than 2700 children, 58% being girls, are accessing free and quality education at these schools. Majority of the parents of these children belong to underprivileged families, mostly occupied in daily wage work or as agricultural labourers.

Each Satya Bharti School in the state is designed to provide comfortable spaces for the best learning experience. These include well-ventilated classrooms, modern libraries that promote reading, science laboratories that encourage practical learning, and appropriate outdoor amenities to inspire extra-curricular participation. Each school also has CCTV cameras to ensure child safety.

The design of the curriculum in the schools facilitates positive impact on the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of students. Practical lessons and the addition of values and life skills in the curriculum ensure that along with gaining education, students also become learners for life.


2,744 students
75 teachers
58.10% girls
67.30% SC/ST/OBC

*Data as on 31st May, 2021