Satya Bharti Quality Support Program


Bharti Foundation partnered with the Education Project Council, Government of Jharkhand in April 2018 to implement its Satya Bharti Quality Support Program in 150 govt schools in the districts of Pakur, Godda, Dumka, and Deoghar. The program is currently benefitting more than 27,500 students and about 650 teachers.

Under the program, a joint vision is created with teachers and school leaders so that they not only articulate their dreams as a team, but also believe in their ability to bring about a desired change collectively. The program strives to infuse energy in schools by providing exposure and experience to the school leaders, teachers and students, encouraging them to aspire, achieve and succeed.

The ecosystem comprising parents and communities is galvanized by encouraging them to get involved in school activities and meetings. The program also facilitates schools to improve their existing infrastructure with the help of the local community. And above all, a renewed focus on all-round development of students helps them acquire leadership, communication, collaboration and other 21st century skills.


27,551 students
645 teachers
50.69% girls

*Data as on 31st May, 2021