Restoration of School Playground

June 2019: Amazing things happen when a community comes together.

Hundreds of community members came together in this govt. school in Meghalaya to restore the school playground. The ground, which is spread in acres, used to be a completely barren patch, causing a lot of dust to flow into the classrooms, while being unfavorable for children to play on it.

The volunteers – young and old – rolled up their sleeves and came together to plant grass on this ground with their hands. Teachers, little children and Bharti Foundation’s team in Meghalaya have also lend their hand to bring about this beautiful and incremental change.

Enhancing school environment and involving the community in school activities are key interventions of Bharti Foundation’s Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, which is currently benefitting over 6000 children from 50 govt. schools in Meghalaya.