Bharti Foundation’s Satya Bharti Adarsh Schools outperform CBSE national average in Class XII and X board exams 2021

  • Overall pass percentage of Satya Bharti Adarsh School (Class XII) is 100 % and (Class X) is 100%, as compared to CBSE national average 99.37%  and 99.04% of class XII and X respectively. The pass percentage of Chandigarh region of Class XII and X is 99.47% and 99.46% respectively.
  • The schools are located in rural areas of Punjab where children primarily come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Overall girls pass percentage is 100% for Class XII and 100% for Class X, as compared to the CBSE national average of 99.67% and 99.24% of Class XII and X respectively.
  • For Class XII, the highest subject-wise marks among the Satya Bharti Adarsh Schools’ students are English (99), History (99), Retail(99), B. Studies(99), IT (99), Pol Science (98), B&W (98), Accounts (98), Punjabi ( 97), Economics (96) and Physical Education ( 96)
  • Of the 400 students of Class X who appeared for the exam, the highest subject-wise marks are English (98), Maths (97), Science (98), Social Studies (99), Punjabi (98), Retail (95) and IT (99)
  • Ms Pawanjot Kaur, class XII student of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School Jhaneri secured highest marks with 487 out of 500 (97.4%)  
  • Mr. Sohail Khan, class X student of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School Rauni secured highest marks with 482 out of 500 (96.4%). 

Punjab, August, 2021: Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises proudly announced the remarkable achievement of students of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools located in rural Punjab in the Class XII and X CBSE Board Examinations. The success of these children becomes special as most of them come from weak economic backgrounds and most of the parents are primarily engaged as daily wage earners. 

The students of Class XII, secured an overall pass percentage of 100% which is higher than the national pass percentage of 99.37 %. Out of 300 students, 55 secured 90% and above, and 185 students passed in first division. Class X students’ outperformed the national CBSE average of 99.04% by achieving a pass percentage of 99.24%, with 362 out of 631 students in the first division, 216 of them being girls.

These students, especially the girls, who outshined CBSE national average with 100% pass percentage for class XII and 100% for Class X, withstood various social and economic pressures. The teachers and the Principals have been committed and dedicated to ensure that the children, despite their socio-economic backgrounds, get an equal opportunity towards achieving their aspirations.  

Ms Pawanjot Kaur, Class XII student of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior  Secondary School Jhaneri secured highest marks among all these schools’ students with 487 out of 500 (97.4%) whereas Mr. Sohail Khan, Class X student of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School Rauni secured highest marks with 482 out of 500 (96.4%).

Congratulating the students and teachers, Ms. Mamta Saikia, CEO, Bharti Foundation said, “The success of students in Board Exams is always special as they fight against every odd to deliver stellar performance. And this year as most of the class throughout the year were held online, it was even more challenging for both students and teachers. Their success is the reinforcement of our belief that changes can be brought in rural India by ensuring access to quality education. I congratulate each and every student as well as teachers for the outstanding performance, and thank the community for consistently supporting our schools.

Currently 183 Satya Bharti Schools are operational across villages of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Of the 183 schools, 178 schools are primary/elementary schools and five schools are senior secondary schools run in public-private partnership mode under Punjab Government’s Adarsh Scheme. 

The Satya Bharti Schools provide quality education to children in rural India, most of who are first generation learners. The curriculum has been designed to help every children achieve their goal. Encompassing both classroom as well as out-of-class activities, the program aims to develop students holistically by inculcating in them attitudes, values and life-skills that will hold them in good stead later in life. While innovative Teaching Learning Material (TLM) enhances their classroom experience, special programs like Physical Education Curriculum (PEC) are used to make outdoor learning more meaningful. Other interventions like the English Phonics Program and use of education software, aid the delivery of English and computer education.

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  • To support School Heads / Principals and strengthen the curriculum planning, delivery and class room transaction process for improved effectiveness.
  • To optimize usage and improvement of school’s infrastructure and facilities especially working toilets, functional library, computer labs, Science labs and energized classrooms.
  • To activate critical processes such as sports, drawing and other student cantered activities and events.
  • To smoothen academic operations throughout the year and also non-academic operations viz sports day, annual day, republic day, community volunteering, PTM etc.
  • To support teachers through interactive sessions.
  • To conduct subject wise week in schools for Science, English and Math linked with the annual curriculum.
  • To extend technical support to teachers on subject specific skills.
  • To support on difficult concepts and conduct specific need-based refresher training.
  • To extending support in planning the entire academic year including curriculum rollout, remedial, assessments and processes for ongoing monitoring and mentoring.
  • Candidates should aware about local language.