Community Involvement

Community involvement, participation and their sustained support towards the Satya Bharti Schools has been a key component of the program over the years. Aiming to build the trust and ownership of parents and community members, the program format ensures that there is enough opportunity for the community to understand and be engaged with the schools. Community members regularly come forward and actively engage in the functioning of the school, either through participation in events or contribution of land, time, skills, knowledge, material and funds.

Bharti Foundation follows an integrated approach on community engagement that includes:

  • School’s Connect with the Community:
  • – Regular home visits by teachers

    – Structured Parent-Teacher Meetings

    – Community Development Campaigns

  • Community Connecting Schools with Local Culture
  • – Community Volunteering Week

    – Teaching children local history, traditions, art and craft

    – Community participation in school events

  • Land, Material and Other Support to Schools by Community
  • – Schools built on donated or leased land

    – Sharing of skills, knowledge, material & financial donations

  • Economic Empowerment of Communities by Schools
  • – Recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff

    – Employing community members, especially mothers as mid day meal vendors

    – Local sourcing of school resources