Fostering Empathy Among Young Souls

August 2019: Every child deserves to be mentored not only to face the world but to change it as well! And our contribution should be to give our children a safe and happy environment so that they grow up to be confident, fearless and ready to change the world. And most of all, sow the seeds of empathy in their hearts.

Taking a positive step in this direction, students of Khatsoo Ripnar Brightstar School in Meghalaya came together to raise awareness among their peers and the community against bullying to make children more sensitive towards this issue. The students launched a holistic campaign for over a period of 30 days. It was organized in the school in the form of taking pledge in the morning assembly, organizing group discussions to encourage children to talk about bullying, displaying message against child abuse all over the school, and inviting speakers from Child Helpline to raise awareness among children.

The students also organized rallies in the community to highlight this subject among parents and other members. The campaign played a very important role in ensuring that children respect each other, and stand for each other.