Gender Equality and Girl Child Education Campaign

February, 2020: It is the 21st century and worldwide, we are growing and evolving on every level. However, even today, the practice of differential treatment between genders prevails. In various parts of our country as well, the social discrimination between men and women is prominently seen. At this point in time, our actions matter a lot.

On the occasion of National Girl Child Day, the girl students of the Primary School, Babhnoli, Uttar Pradesh, decided to contribute their bit in eliminating gender inequality and social stigmas against girl child education. They organized a rally with an aspiration to raise social awareness for the issue amongst their own community members.

The students expressed their thought-provoking messages through creative posters and marched around the village, giving birth to a wave of change by raising awareness among the community members. As the rally marched forward, women from different households also decided to join the cause and accompanied the students for the rally.

No effort is a small effort; even the smallest of actions can create an impact in building a better society. The change brought about from this initiative was evidently seen in the village with the growing number of people in the rally as more and more community members appreciated and joined the cause.