Graduation Day Celebration

April 2019: These little children from the village of Pethachikudirupu in Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu have recently passed class 5. Their teachers celebrated Graduation Day for them, congratulating them for their progress towards a brighter future.

With the setting up of Bharti Foundation’s Satya Bharti School in the heart of Pethachikudirupu village, today more than 200 children have begun their journey towards a promising future. Equipped with all the facilities, including computer lab, library, sports and more – the school allows every child to grow up in an environment conducive to their holistic development.

Working as domestic helps or on daily wages at construction sites and fields, the parents of these children struggle to survive on a daily basis. Currently, more than 2100 children are studying in 10 Satya Bharti Schools in the state.

These schools have not only brought a lot of positivity in the lives of children, but also their families and the communities at large. These children have started to dream, enjoy learning and above all, HOPE.