Swachhta Pakhwada

October, 2019: Bharti Foundation organized Swachhta Pakhwada (1st -15th September) in Government Senior Secondary School Bhudpur, Rewari.

The Foundation and the School, together, planned and designing the event for a fortnight and then held the concluding ceremony on 2nd October, 2019. The initiative was designed to nurture the idea of cleanliness and promote it through the children, especially the club leaders, who went go to four villages around the school. They met the Sarpanch and shared their ideas and initiatives to reach out to the community members.

The Club members went from village to village and led a cleanliness drive, where they themselves cleaned littered places in and around the villages. Not only did they generate awareness amongst the community members but also engaged them in various actions and activities. This rally was led by Sarpanch and the School Principal. The club members, through this rally, reached around 350 community members during Swachh week (2nd Oct to 7th Oct 2019) and requested them to join the movement by taking pledge.

Two women from the community were also nominated as Swachhta warriors who, in their local language, also spread the message of Swachhta. The club members and Sarpanch felicitated the women warriors for their efforts. One of the women warriors quoted; “We can help in cleaning the cities but maintaining cleanliness is in mind.”