From Deprivation to Glory: This girl from a small village in Ranchi wins bronze medals in national level football

Radhika Kumari’s journey from a destitute village in Ranchi to creating her space in the Under 19 State Football Team is an inspiring story that shows how the consistency, determination and hard work can help you achieve your dreams. 

Radhika, who is from the village of Sirka, had to overcome many difficulties and obstacles in order to pursue her academic and athletic goals. However, her aspiration for both academics and sports, coupled with the support of her dedicated physical education teacher, Pramod Mahato, paved the way for her success.

Radhika studied at the Government Upgraded High School Kumhariya, a Satya Bharti Quality Support Program (QSP) school located in a rural area of Kanke Block. Primarily the school caters to students from underprivileged communities in the villages like Kumhariya, Sirka, and Mahespur situated in the interior rural outlying of Ranchi, Jharkhand. Despite the lack of resources and opportunities in her surroundings, Radhika and many other students in the school showed a keen interest in sports and other co-scholastic activities beside academics. 

Pramod Mahato, the physical education teacher in the school played a significant role in nurturing and developing the sporting talents of the students. With the support of the Bharti Foundation’s intervention through the establishment of Sports and Health clubs, the school was able to provide mentorship, sports equipment, and necessary resources to the students. This initiative increased the focus on sports within the school, resulting in more and more students’ participation and achievements in various tournaments.

Radhika also played a crucial role in her school’s football team, the school bagged various awards and trophies in multiple sports tournament like Kick For Jharkhand, Subroto Mukherjee Football competition, etc, ranging from Cluster, Block to District level and also have reached the National Level as well.   

Radhika’s hard work and dedication led her to shine in both academics and sports. Recognizing her leadership qualities and commitment, she was elected as the Sports Minister in Bal Sansad and became the Secretary of the Sports and Health club. Her remarkable achievements and positive attitude gained her praise from the school staff and motivated her fellow students.

Despite coming from a conservative family where the focus was primarily on her brother’s education, Radhika persevered and excelled in her studies. Realizing her potential, she actively pursued her passion for football under the guidance of her teacher Pramod. Her skills and abilities improved significantly, leading to her selection in the Under 19 Girl’s State Football Team representing Jharkhand.

In June 2023, Radhika and her team participated in the 66th National level School Games organized by the SGFI, where they secured the bronze medal. Radhika’s exceptional performance, scoring two goals in the tournament, contributed to the team’s success. Her achievements brought great pride to her school, and continues to inspire students from deprived backgrounds, motivating them to work hard and succeed in all aspects of life. 

Her dream of becoming a renowned football player in the future is well within her reach, and she is actively pursuing her goals with dedication and passion. 

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