Grain Distribution in Senior Secondary Schools in Punjab

The pandemic COVID-19 has brought about many challenges with its outbreak. One of the more pressing concerns is the notable shift it has brought in the supply and consumption of food. While the virus has disrupted the food systems throughout the world and nation, it has especially caused added hurdles for the people residing in the remote areas.

Since the outbreak, the situation for the rural communities has been challenging. To help the situation, Bharti Foundation, in partnership with Department of School Education, Govt. of Punjab, developed a conscientious process to ensure that the children and their families continue to receive food supplies.

At its five Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools, Bharti Foundation put the process in place to distribute food grains to the families of the students whilst ensuring highest standard of safety in distribution. The schools were cleaned a week ahead of grain distribution day; and grain packets, prepared by authorized and checked personnel, were kept ready at least two days before distribution. All staff maintained 12 ft. distance among themselves while at work and wore masks all the time. All the grains were packed in double packaging with the outer packaging sanitized and the packages were left untouched for at least two days before distribution. Staggered arrival time was created for both teachers and parents at school. Verandah/ porch, marked with circles, arrows, and indicators, were used for distribution of grains. Parents were given all the necessary instructions on phone, while calling them to school, including date, time, and the general procedures. There was no physical contact between teachers and parents during the entire exercise.

The procedure of grain distribution, however, was not concluded there. The parents/guardians who visited the schools for collecting the grains were also given proper instructions for their own and their child/children’s safety.

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