Imparting Skills to Empower Women

August 2019: In Satya Bharti School Harinagar in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, a group of students decided to extend basic education among the women in the community. Most of the women who reside in the village do not know how to read or write. They are often dependent on their male members of the family or neighbours to assist them in basic tasks, such as making a phone call, reading/writing or sending a message.

Inspired to help the women of the village, the group of students planned to conduct workshops to teach women and the elderly basic alphabets, numbers, words, calculations, and basic functions of a mobile phone. Leading the process, the students chose the venue, extended invitations, procured blackboards and other equipment, and assigned two students to one participant to ensure effective communication.

As the word spread, more women reached out to the students and attended the workshops. To make the learning process sustainable, scalable and impactful, the students developed a peer learning model, where a trained woman teaches other women in the community and pass on the skills to them.