Highlights of the year 2018-19

Bharti Foundation’s Satya Bharti Quality Support Program was introduced in Government schools in Karnataka in the year 2018. Currently, it is working in partnership with 30 Govt. Schools in Ramanagara district, with an aim to help enhance the overall schooling experience of the students and teachers.

Following are the highlights of the year 2018-19 (as on August 2019)

  • Students’ clubs are active with more than 60% of Girls participation in leadership roles.
  • 322 students participated in external competitions, out of which 141 won awards (2 students won NMMS).
  • School has participated in national level Inspire Award and one school reached up to district level.
  • 2 schools reached to top position in state level Art and Painting competitions. The Painting of a student got selected by BESCOM in their annual calendar.
  • 1 student (S Netra) got selected for Gifted Children Program Summer Camp in by Pravaha, attended national camp in Hyderabad.
  • The student lecture series and workshops are organized in 30 schools covering 2800 students on various topics related to life skills, science experimentation, motivational Lectures etc.
  • 2 Teachers’ won TLM and Sports Awards at district and state level from DoE Govt. of Karnataka.
  • 1 school received the “Hasiru Shale” award at Block level for AY 2018-19, by Govt. of Karnataka.
  • Spell Wizard competition was organized for 67 government schools.
  • ERA Awards – Block level (TLM awards) was organized to 33 government schools.
  • Leadership Training programs are also held for School Principals with a view to give them inputs on the changing education scenario and the need to be constantly evolving in their school development.
  • We encouraged and supported schools to organize PTMs regularly and the students were encouraged to make their parents aware of the importance of attending these meetings.
  • 26 schools received contribution in kind from community members.
  • Establishing Nalikali Classrooms and Satya Bharti Model Libraries in 26 schools has been applauded and has become one of the identities of QSP supported schools.