Restoring the Independence of Paramjeet

Paramjeet Kaur is a determined woman, residing in the village of Salempur (Punjab) with her husband, Surender Singh and their four children. The duo make just enough money to fulfil their basic necessities and the needs of her children. Despite economic restraints, a smile never leaves Paramjeet’s face. However, this was not the case just a few months ago.

In 2013, Paramjeet shifted to her own house from a rented accommodation. The joy of owning a small house of her own was short-lived, as unlike the rented house, her own house had no toilet. Not used to defecating in the open, Paramjeet experienced unimagined embarrassment and great discomfort at having to travel long distances to defecate. Her children also began to fall sick often due to open defecation, adding to the strain on their finances as her husband was the only earning member at that time.

However, Paramjeet’s struggles soon came to an end when Bharti Foundation constructed an individual toilet in her house. This positive change transformed her life completely. With more time at her hands, Paramjeet started working part-time at a factory to add to the family income. Today, she is happy to contribute to the family income. “This toilet has truly empowered me, giving me the opportunity to work and give my family a better lifestyle”, says Paramjeet.