Success Driven by Passion

“My Students have raised my self-esteem; it makes me feel proud to be their Principal,” said the Principal of GSSS Mangoli Jattan School.

GSSS Mangoli Jattan School, one of the partner Government schools in Haryana, is situated on the exteriors of Kurukshetra in a remote region where resources and facilities are limited. Most of the families residing in the area are dependent on agricultural income for a living. 

Ms. Manpreet Kaur – the in-charge of Art and culture club of the GSSS Mangoli Jattan School said, “Our girls have lot of potential in dance. We have all kept our spirits high and had won a few awards in block-level competitions. 

It had been our dream to compete at the district level, but we could use better resources for proper training”

The School, in collaboration with Bharti Foundation, planned summer camps along with SMC to create a small cultural team with the support of a community member who was well-trained in various dance forms. The art and cultural team regularly practiced and sharpened their skills.

The School, after the workshops, participated in an increased number of dance competitions; the team won a total of 47 awards in 2019-20 from 18 in the year 2018-19. The team even bagged the first position at the district-level dance competition in Kala-Utsav.

The Principal said, “My students have not only brought the School’s name into limelight but has also made the whole village and community proud.”