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“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny.” – C.W. Lewis

Indeed. Those who rise from challenges, strong and courageous, become an inspiration for many. Such are the stories of the many children whose aspirations have broken all barriers of success – the children studying in schools located in the most remove villages of India.

Karma Kurry – Kidpower is a compilation of 22 true, inspirational stories of the Satya Bharti School children and alumni. These stories of courage feature hardships and life struggles of the sheroes, who did not give up irrespective of several challenges they faced in their lives. Karma Kurry by Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida is not just a book but a journey; the story of each child is a step towards individual and societal transformation.

Every child whose story is covered in this book is an amazing hero and his/her story would make you smile, cry and get inspired to be more, do more, grow more, learn more and contribute more towards the creation of a better, safer, egalitarian, just, humane and responsible society, nation and world.

It is indeed true that dreams do not have set location. A child residing in a remote village in India might have an aspiration to become a doctor, only to serve the underserved sections of his community. Some excerpts from the book highlight how small actions can make big differences while some teach us how courage and conviction can bring about a transformation:

  • The sun shone bright and hope trickled in,
    she leaped forward to her future;
    like a baby bird spreading its wings.
  • Geeta’s life is a testimony to her unyielding desire to succeed and her courage in facing her fears, while striving to claim the freedom which was always rightfully hers to enjoy.
  • She believed her luck to be a long-time friend,
    and so she glided across the fields; basking in the glory of the sun.
    Unbeknownst of the rule of nature, a happy song she hummed,
    forgetting the fact that time and tide waited for none.
  • For Angoori, going to school was that first step towards a better future and she was happy to have this opportunity. Whatever came with it was the price she was ready to pay to make her dreams come true.

The book is now available online and in bookstores.

To read more about the book launch event, Click Here

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