Government Senior Secondary School, Lorta, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

The Government Senior Secondary School, Lorta is situated in a remote village of Balesar in Rajasthan. When Quality Support Program was introduced to the school, student enrolment was at 94 with seven teachers. School infrastructure and facilities were inadequate and lacked regular maintenance. The records of the students showed low student performance. While the parents and the community were compassionate, their engagement with the school was limited. Bharti Foundation began by facilitating a self-assessment exercise that was conducted by the teachers, where they themselves identified the persisting issues of the school. The concerns highlighted were as follows:

  • Low visibility with dipping enrolment and reputation of the school
  • Lack of school infrastructure and facilities
  • Underutilization of allocated funds for the school
  • Low interest, self-confidence and poor academic performance of students
  • Inadequate opportunities for skill and holistic development of students

Reflecting on the identified issues, Bharti Foundation prepared a strategy of intervention focusing on the four important pillars, as follows:

  • Student empowerment
  • Teacher empowerment
  • Parent & community engagement
  • Infrastructure management


Impact on the School’s overall Environment and Culture:

  • With the synergized efforts of Bharti Foundation and the school’s stakeholders, the school now enjoys an enhanced self-image and increased enrolment
  • The school has gained greater visibility and has been upgraded to a Senior Secondary School
  • Impact on School Leadership and Teachers:

  • The school leadership and teachers display high self-esteem and confidence along with raised aspirations and a zeal to perform
  • The teachers have a raised self-esteem and confidence in their students, helping the students in turn gain a high self-image and motivation to perform
  • Impact on Students:

  • Student enrolment has increased to 275 from 100
  • Interest in Science has peaked significantly among the students
  • Students display a responsible and collaborative behavior and attitude
  • Impact on Parents and Community:

  • The school has energised its engagement with the community and received several donations for infrastructure improvement
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    Job Description Academic Mentor

    • To support School Heads / Principals and strengthen the curriculum planning, delivery and class room transaction process for improved effectiveness.
    • To optimize usage and improvement of school’s infrastructure and facilities especially working toilets, functional library, computer labs, Science labs and energized classrooms.
    • To activate critical processes such as sports, drawing and other student cantered activities and events.
    • To smoothen academic operations throughout the year and also non-academic operations viz sports day, annual day, republic day, community volunteering, PTM etc.
    • To support teachers through interactive sessions.
    • To conduct subject wise week in schools for Science, English and Math linked with the annual curriculum.
    • To extend technical support to teachers on subject specific skills.
    • To support on difficult concepts and conduct specific need-based refresher training.
    • To extending support in planning the entire academic year including curriculum rollout, remedial, assessments and processes for ongoing monitoring and mentoring.
    • Candidates should aware about local language.