Our Budding E-educators

In this phase of the ‘New Normal’, while the way of living has completely transformed, digital has almost become a necessity. The education sector, as well, adopted to the means of virtual classes to ensure safe and continued education for all children. Schools all over the world have been resorting to online interactions via social media channels, virtual meeting platforms and digital communication channels.

Teachers across most schools have created WhatsApp groups to stay connected to their classes, disseminate study material and ease the communication. Technology has also motivated students to learn. They look forward to learning and exploring through virtual means, teaching-learning material and study apps.

Like most schools, SKV A Block, Keshav Puram, a partner Government school in Delhi, also introduced online learning methods to the students. While children enthusiastically participated in these learning classes, some of them often hesitated to ask their doubts. When Afia, a student of class VII, noticed that some of her classmates are having a difficult time communicating about their doubts with the teachers, she started making her own self-explanatory videos to help create a better understanding of the concepts being taught in the classes.

Afia did not only help her classmates understand some concepts but also created a larger effect. Her classmates also started making videos on worksheets and assignments that they themselves were well versed with but others had an issue understanding. Videos on scientific concepts, mathematic calculations, worksheets, etc. were circulated by many students in an attempt to help their peers. The culture of peer-learning grew manifold and is continuously developing.

The efforts made by Afia made the teachers not only happy but also proud! Students like Afia are making a real difference in the lives of many.