Satya Bharti Skill Fest 2021, Haryana – Summer Vacation from Home!

With the second wave of COVID-19 hitting the nation, there are many challenges that students across India are having to face. To give their creative minds a boost, Bharti Foundation held the second edition of the virtual Satya Bharti Skill Fest for partner Government school students in Haryana under the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program.  The 15-day long virtual program started from 15th May and was concluded on 30th May 2021. More than 4,000 students from 31 Government schools participated in this event, around 50% of the same being girl children. A bouquet of fun learning activities were designed for primary, elementary and senior secondary schools.

The main activities of this events were: essay writing, slogan writing and to create best out of waste, in which, students actively and enthusiastically participated. All these activities were mainly focused to enhance the creativity skills of students. Students created amazing models and products out of waste material showcasing their skills. Many students wrote different essays and slogans by showing their amazing writing skills. Not only students but the parents were also very excited for this fest.

Ms. Seema Baliyan, Principal of GHS Kalampur, Karnal, Haryana, shared her thoughts, “All the students were very excited for the event and ready to enhance their creative skills.”