Science Model Exhibition on the occasion of National Science Day

February, 2020: Books are, indeed, the best source of knowledge, but understanding the practical implementations of the lessons takes knowledge a step forward. In certain topics and subjects, practical knowledge is not just an ‘over-and-above’, it is imperative; science being one such subject.

The practical learning in Science should begin for children when they are young to pique their interest and create an environment of learning which is not just based on facts, but also on the implementation. Therefore, to create an opportunity of better understanding of scientific concepts for young children, Bharti Foundation organized Science Model Exhibition in 14 partner Government Schools in Uttar Pradesh, where more than 1,100 students participated. The exhibition was planned out on the occasion of National Science Day.

The students wonderfully depicted the beauty of the subject through different scientific experiments and showcased different scientific phenomenon. The students brought their book lessons to life through practical experience and demonstrated the same to the audience as well. Various concepts ranging from condensation to electricity generation through windmills were illustrated.

This platform provided the students with a perfect opportunity to not only dig deeper into what they have been studying but also gave them a chance to present their work to the visitors from their own communities. The students were asked many questions about the concepts they had developed, to which, they answered brilliantly. The people who visited the exhibition also thoroughly enjoyed it.