Students take oath on ‘Global Handwashing Day’

by bhartifoundation admin November 30, 2020 0

To mark the ‘Global Handwashing Day’, Bharti Foundation held a number of online events to spread awareness among children and their parents about sanitation and hygiene. This is true especially as washing hands and personal cleanliness are of utmost importance in view of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Keeping in mind the current situation, this year’s theme for ‘Global Handwashing Day’ was ‘Hand Hygiene for all’. Children participated in a bouquet of activities and reached out to parents and community members as well, to generate awareness about how handwashing is an imperative step to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus.

During the day, a number of activities were held online to make students aware of handwashing and its benefits. Teachers through video calls spoke to parents and children about the importance of handwashing during COVID-19 and shared with them information, education and communication (IEC) material and pictures on the subject.

Prior to the event, a handwashing song and videos were also shared among the students along with the required information material. Students also took an oath that they would be part of the School Swachhta and Hygiene Education Committee (SSHEC) and will be responsible for ensuring cleanliness in and around their school building including toilets, classrooms and the overall school compound. SSHEC will assign – ‘Soap Monitor’, ‘Toilet Monitor’, ‘School Building Monitor’ and ‘School Compound Monitor’ from the students.

The Swachhta pledge will not just ensure that the students and parents work towards keeping their school, home, village clean but also encourage their village leaders to make the villages a ‘Nirmal Gram’. 

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