Swachhata Campaigns

Satya Bharti Swachhta and Hygiene Education Initiative (SSHEI) is the extension of the ongoing School Sanitation program being implemented across Satya Bharti Schools since 2017. The key objective of the campaign is to support the cause of “Swacchaa Bharat Abhiyan” movement initiated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi by raising community consciousness towards the importance of cleanliness and water conservation.

The program brings together students from across different Satya Bharti Schools as representatives and ambassadors of cleanliness, health and hygiene.

Key activities to be carried out under the campaign are as follows:

  • 1. Investiture ceremony of SSHEI Committee

    An investiture ceremony of SSHEI Committee (students committee) was conducted across all Satya Bharti Schools. The committee took charge of school cleanliness, availability of soaps in toilets and encouraging other students to follow hygienic processes such as hand washing etc. Student leaders took the oath as SSHEI committee members and are leading the agenda of cleanliness in their schools and immediate neighborhood.
  • 2. Community Level Oath Taking

    Oath taking ceremony for the community members is organized across all Satya Bharti schools villages to involve and encourage the community to keep their surroundings clean and to continuously make efforts to improve the sanitation conditions and conserve water.
  • 3. Community Level Awareness Drives

    Students take up community-based campaigns to create awareness in schools, communities and villages about the ill effects of unclean water, poor sanitation facilities, poor domestic and personal hygiene practices etc.
  • 4. Cleanliness and Hygiene Checks

    Cleanliness and hygiene checks are conducted by SSHCI committee in their respective villages to assess unclean areas and sources of water wastage and observations to be shared with village sarpanch.
  • 5. Hand washing Song and Skit

    Student perform Hand Washing Songs in nukkad nataks and skits to create awareness on the significance of hand washing, bathing and hygiene practices.
  • 6. Competitions

    Various competitions like drawing, quiz, poster making etc were held in school premises to encourage children to use their creativity so that they come up with ideas to not only keep their surroundings neat and clean but also conserve water. Satya Bharti Abhiyan to also engage with DWSS to roll out poster competition in rural Amritsar schools.
  • 7. Participation of key government officers and other local representatives

    Members of local Panchayat and community members and District Education Officers, senior officials from Water Supply and Sanitation Departments, Health Inspectors, journalists, Social Workers etc participated in celebrations. They delivered messages on the importance of personal hygiene to the community in daily life, encouraged students to participate more in such campaigns, events, importance of using toilets.
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Job Description Academic Mentor

  • To support School Heads / Principals and strengthen the curriculum planning, delivery and class room transaction process for improved effectiveness.
  • To optimize usage and improvement of school’s infrastructure and facilities especially working toilets, functional library, computer labs, Science labs and energized classrooms.
  • To activate critical processes such as sports, drawing and other student cantered activities and events.
  • To smoothen academic operations throughout the year and also non-academic operations viz sports day, annual day, republic day, community volunteering, PTM etc.
  • To support teachers through interactive sessions.
  • To conduct subject wise week in schools for Science, English and Math linked with the annual curriculum.
  • To extend technical support to teachers on subject specific skills.
  • To support on difficult concepts and conduct specific need-based refresher training.
  • To extending support in planning the entire academic year including curriculum rollout, remedial, assessments and processes for ongoing monitoring and mentoring.
  • Candidates should aware about local language.