The Satya Bharti Skill Fest 2021

In consideration of involving children in co-curricular and developmental activities, Bharti Foundation, under the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, organized a virtual Summer Camp – The Satya Bharti Skill Fest in the year 2020. In the year 2021, the students of partner Government Schools in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Telangana, Punjab, Haryana and Jharkhand are participating in the ongoing second edition of Summer Camp from Home – the Satya Bharti Skill Fest 2021.

The ‘Satya Bharti Skill Fest’ brings together a bouquet of activities that are designed to facilitate the holistic development of children through fun activities, keeping similar age groups in one bracket. With the closure of schools since March 2020, the Skill Fest went online and is held from the safety of the students’ homes, with information and guidelines being circulated via WhatsApp. The teachers of the partner Government schools are the facilitators – they keep the students engaged, guide them through all the activities planned and keep the enthusiasm and motivation up in all the possible ways for the summer camp.

The Skill Fest actively focuses on exploring new escapades, socializing with peers virtually and promote ‘learning by doing’. The main focus of the Program is to keep up the attitude of continuous learning among the students. Activities like storytelling, poster making, best out of waste, essay writing, making concept videos, writing slogans, handwriting competition, etc. are some among the bouquet of many events and activities held during the Skill Fest. In the year 2021 as well, the participation has been overwhelming with more than 15,000 entries for events organized under the title of Skill Fest. As the Fest continues, more states are likely to participate.

Through the activities conducted under the Satya Bharti Skill Fest 2021, students are gaining an unparalleled experience of technological interventions in education and skill development in an enjoyable fashion. In the Story Telling activities, for example, the alignment of technology to the regular reading habit has added curiosity in every child. While working on artworks for Poster Making, students are encouraged to amalgamate art, language and learning to make Posters on “Environment Day”, “Health – Stay Home Stay Safe”, “Eat Healthy Eat Right” etc. The crafts and miniatures made by the students using household items are of utmost attraction. The making of photo frames, portable shelves, pen stands, computer desktops from cardboard, house-made with newspaper, flowers, chairs made with bamboo, etc. has given them an opportunity to unleash their ideas and shaping the same into reality. Apart from the sense of achievement and joy in the process of making art and craft, this activity also helped students learn precision and visualization.

The ‘Satya Bharti Skill Fest – 2021’ has been applauded by the teachers and parents too. The Education department of Himachal Pradesh launched Satya Bharti Skill Fest for all school students in the entire state. This unique initiative has helped in keeping every child engaged and motivated during these testing times; most importantly, it has helped in developing their skill-sets and keeping the students busy and active during their summer vacation.

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