The tale of three friends united by fate – Sukhpreet, Balwinder and Saroop

Sukhpreet was born to a family of farmers in the village of Chanan Ke in Amritsar, Punjab. Although they weren’t educated, they hoped that by giving her the gift of education. Many families in the village didn’t believe in the importance of schooling, but Sukhpreet’s parents wanted her to study and accomplish great things in life. Then they learnt about the Satya Bharti Elementary School, Chanan Ke and how it was a quality-focused educational institute which provided free education to children.

Balwinder Kaur, another girl from Chanan Ke, was nervous about attending school as none of her friends in the area had been allowed to join a school. Balwinder ’s parents believed education is imperative, despite being uneducated themselves. They wanted her to be independent, someone who could take care of herself. They knew she was a bright child and only needed the right platform for growth. They researched schools in Chanan Ke, but the reputed ones were expensive private schools. Luckily for them, they became acquainted with a family whose daughter would be enrolling in the Satya Bharti Elementary School, and by a lucky coincidence, it was Sukhpreet’s family! 

Saroop Singh, a young boy from Chanan Ke, his parents worked as daily laborers and did odd jobs to manage three meals for the family. There were times when there wasn’t much food, but his parents would go hungry after giving their share to Saroop. His parents too were uneducated but were determined that he should get an education. At one stage, it seemed as if their dreams would never see the light of the day! But luckily for them, Saroop’s mother happened to meet Sukhpreet’s mother. And so, Saroop also realised that his wishes were coming true as he would be going to the Satya Bharti Elementary School, Chanan Ke, Amritsar.

Sukhpreet, Balwinder and Saroop, coincidentally, were put together in the same class. As Sukhpreet entered her classroom, she looked for a seat and ended up sitting next to Balwinder. Both the girls instantaneously connected with each other and knew that they were going to be friends. As the girls talked, they noticed Saroop sitting all by himself and immediately decided to befriend him. Over time, the girls were able to draw Saroop out of his isolation and helped him intermingle with his classmates. This was the foundation of the strong bond of friendship that the three children were to share. 

After that, Sukhpreet, Balwinder and Saroop were inseparable. The trio went to school together, sat next to each other in class and walked back home together. They would study together and encourage each other to work harder. Thanks to these children and the bond they shared, even their parents became good friends. 

All three children turned out to be exceptionally good learners, doing very well in academic and co-curricular activities. Over time, they became the local heroes of their village and everyone was proud of them. And then came the difficult moment of stepping beyond the boundaries of their Satya Bharti Elementary School, to move up the next step of their academic ladder. They were very emotional about leaving and feared losing touch with their teachers and each other. However, as luck would have it, all three received admission to the same reputed private school that was close to their village. 

Today, Sukhpreet, Balwinder and Saroop are successfully taking progressive steps towards achieving their goals. While Sukhpreet and Balwinder are in Class XI, pursuing Science (non-medical stream) and doing extremely well, Saroop is receiving training at a nearby institute, in a course in beauty and hair dressing. 

For the three friends, sky is the limit!

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