Touchless Tap

Ever since the pandemic hit us, the way the world functions has completely changed. While the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about many challenges, the lockdown has also proved to be the reason behind many innovations and transformations.

Considering the need of introducing innovative solutions to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19, Mr. Arvind Kumar, the in-charge of Atal Tinkering Laboratory of GSSS Kanipla, Kurukshetra (a partner Government School in Haryana under the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program) came up with a great plan. He believes, “Lockdown was a great teacher; it gave all of us an opportunity to unlearn and relearn, operate in newer ways, and find creative solutions to any crisis.”

“Bharti Foundation, our partner in holistic school development, kept learning continued for us by coaching us about the various aspect of virtual pedagogy. The Foundation team also supported the school in conducting various online activities like summer camp and other competitions, virtually”, added Mr. Arvind Kumar.

During the phase of online learning, the Satya Bharti Skill Fest was introduced for the students of partner Government schools, to facilitate holistic development. This virtual summer camp aimed at empowering students and increasing participation in external competitions.

One such competition was the online Digital Summer Camp organized by organized by Niti-Aayog, IBM and SRF Foundation. The GSSS Kanipla team developed a model to present in the competition called the ‘Touchless Tap’. In this phase of COVID-19, this model did not only address the concern of contact with surfaces but also provided a solution for water wastage. The reduced water loss would also cut down the cost and in turn, the saved bucks would compensate for sanitizer costs, which, otherwise, the school will have to buy.

The model bagged the 2nd position along with a cash prize at the state-level in the online Digital Summer Camp. The schools was also chosen among the top 10 schools for a reward of Rs.35,000, and the model was chosen to be given for Artificial Intelligence training though Atal Tinkering lab.