Virtual Hindi Diwas Celebrations

September, 2020: We reside in a culturally rich and diverse country, which brings together a sense of belongingness within its heritage. The nation that unites over 19,000 languages and celebrates all its cultures. One of these many celebrations is the ‘Hindi-Diwas’. An event that unites people and culture and binds together many across the globe. In vein of the same, all 31 partner Government schools in Haryana observed the ‘Hindi Diwas’ with an objective of instilling in students the realization of importance of the widely spoken language in our country – Hindi, and its usage in our lives.

To celebrate the occasion, Bharti Foundation, in collaboration with the partner Government Schools in Haryana, organized a virtual event. A gamut of activities like, essay writing, poems, quiz, and speech competition, creative writing were organized across 31 schools with a total outreach of 3479 students and parents. Girl’s participation stood at an average 56% across all schools. Students wrote poems and participated in speech competition to express their thoughts on Hindi Diwas. Children shared their poems to express how languages binds people together and spreads happiness.

Mrs. Vandana (BEO Nilokheri) and Mr. Dharampal Singh from GSSS Nigudi School shared their thoughts on Hindi Diwas and encouraged students to explore the history of the Hindi-language more, during Hindi Diwas.