Satya Bharti Quality Support Program Satya Bharti Quality Support Program


In 2016, Bharti Foundation signed an MOU with Vasantrao Dempo Education and Research Foundation of Goa establishing a unique partnership of knowledge-sharing, mentorship and professional exchange.

Bharti Foundation, through its Satya Bharti Quality Support Model, provides mentorship, professional advice, and intellectual resources to DVG, a regional entity comprising a Public/Private partnership between the Dempo Foundation and the Government of Goa. Aimed at enhancing the educational environment, modus operandi and ethos of traditionally under-represented rural government schools through a CSR adoption programme, the DVG/Bharti Foundation mentorship relationship has seen good results and has been a great help in achieving DVG’s ambitious goals.

In a unique mentorship role, Bharti Foundation provides valuable professional advice to DVG, answering questions, suggesting references and solutions, sharing learning resources and offering full professional face-to-face support to DVG as it hones its programme in the rural Goan context. DVG adopted 2 rural schools for a three year period (2017-2020) Government High School at Curdi, Sanguem Taluka and Government High School at Dadachiwadi, Pernem Taluka.

DVG and the Government of Goa has signed a new MOU to adopt a vertically integrated school system (3 primaries, 1 High School) in Navelim, Bicholim Taluka 2020-2023. Bharti Foundation has extended its mentorship agreement with Dempo Vishwa Gramshala for another 2 years.


390 students

37 teachers

52.6% girls


*Data as on 31st May, 2021


  • Students of Govt. High School Dadachiwadi, Dhargal Pernem on a rally on World Environment Day

  • Students of Govt. High School Dadachiwadi, Dhargal Pernem on a rally on World Environment Day

  • A student from GHS Dadachiwadi, Dhargal Pernem making a broom after training session on Broom Making activity in monthly theme Talent Search and Talent Hunt

  • Street play on road safety, women safety and environment the students of Govt. High School Vaddem, Curdi

  • Students of GHS Vaddem Curdi busy making a poster on the Topic: Road Safety

  • Students of GHS Vaddem Curdi cleaning a plot of land to grow vegetables under Agriculture Theme

The Corporate House of Dempo

The corporate House of Dempo has a major philanthropic presence in the state of Goa, especially in the fields of sports, education and culture. The Dempo Group of companies is patron of outstanding Schools, Colleges, Sports Clubs and sponsor of many cultural initiatives. Its Chairman, Mr. Shrinivas Dempo, takes keen personal interest in all the branches of his Group’s Charities and Trusts.

The Dempo Vishwa Gramshala Rural School Adoption Programme (DVG) is the newest addition to the constellation of cultural and educational initiatives of the Vasantrao Dempo Education and Research Foundation, an integral part of the Corporate Social Responsibility division of the House of Dempo. Established in 2017 at the Birth Centennial of the Group’s founder, Vasantrao Sinai Dempo, DVG is emblematic of the Dempo commitment to local stewardship. Bharti Foundation is DVG’s official Mentor.

*Data as on 31st May, 2021