How to be creative while staying at home

by Jashanpreet Kaur August 5, 2020 0

As the pandemic hit us, it is very difficult time for all students to just stay at home instead of playing outside with friends and going to school, during the lockdown. As all schools, institutes and universities are closed, all the students, everyone, for that matter, who have found more free time in their hands are engaging themselves in different types of activities. Not only are the students and employed professionals occupying themselves in varies activities but even the celebrities exploring their creativity while they are stay at home due to lockdown. During this period , many programs are arranged by the Government, schools and institutions to keep everyone busy. These programs are focused at connecting people with their culture and developing their creative skills.

During this period, all the students have been continuing with their education through online classes and other virtual sources such as YouTube and different learning apps. They have been participating in different competitions in the likes of art and craft, drawing, painting, slogan writing, poster making, clay modeling among many others. These activities have been helping the students become more creative and innovative. Students have been using different ideas to explore their creativity; for example, using distinct waste materials to make something impressive and useful or drawing posters which develop their artistic skills or even expressing their feelings, thoughts and emotions creatively. Many students even used their innovative ideas to make electronic products like radio, with waste material.

All the teachers and parents are ecstatic to see the children enhancing their creative skills as well as learning different technological platforms. It is rightly said that ‘Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones. So it’s matter of what type of environment is, creativity is one type of intelligence of having fun. There is not anything good or bad , it’s just practice of any art.’

In addition to all of the above, people have also been learning the value of money – how to spend and where to spend. Since this has been a challenging time, people have been managing their household expenditures very well. When we talk about eating habits as well, everyone has been preferring to consume healthy and homemade products that are low on fats, since there aren’t many physical activities people can involve themselves in. Here, another aspect of creativity is seen – everyone has been learning to make new dishes every day from their elders/family members or through YouTube which also amounts to a fun time with their families.

Parents have also been using internet to add interesting activities to their child/children’s lockdown schedules. Platforms such as brain pop, Duo lingo, khan academy and scholastic are popular among parents to help their child/children learn new languages or even to pursue a hobby. During this time, parents have been playing an important role to encourage their children to get involved in many activities. Children have also been helping their parents in many household chores like cleaning, cooking, washing etc.

This article has been contributed by Jashanpreet Kaur who is a student of Satya Elementary School, Nassar, Amritsar, Punjab. This article has been declared the winning article under the ‘Children’ category for UNESCO-TAKHTE Essay Writing Competition. Her essay has been featured in Week 8 winners’ section.

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